What Happens Here

Coffee Build your base.

01Beautiful Place

Faarah Coffee Lounge offers serene, relaxing spaces – outdoor seats, pool side, lounges and services designed to help you exhale.


02Feel the Coffee

We love to meet your desire by offering great coffee, tea tastes and flavours.
You should visit our coffee tavern…


03Full Taste

Enjoy great milkshake, iced teas and coffee cocktails

Discover Faarah

It’s more than just the coffee…
Enjoy ambrosial continental and native cuisines; a bistro in the heart of the city. Our restaurant seating is spaced to maintain social distancing and still ensure you have a great experience.
Let us excite your taste buds with amazing flavours. Here we strive to offer our guests great value at accommodating prices and we are glad to serve you!

Try the best coffee in the city

Come enjoy the great food and shopping, and the fast and friendly service. The ambiance is informal and comfortable, inspiring conviviality and stimulating lively conversation.

What Happens Here

Favourite Coffee flavours.